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Can PID go unnoticed for years? In fact, it can go undetected for years, eventually causing health or reproductive complications. Sometimes symptoms can occur, but they are often mild or nonspecific—and because of this, many women do not seek medical attention for the chronic effects of PID until complications occur.
What are signs and symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease? Signs and symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease might include: Pain in your lower abdomen and pelvis. Heavy vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor. Abnormal uterine bleeding, especially during or after intercourse, or between menstrual cycles. Pain or bleeding during intercourse. Fever, sometimes with chills.
Can you get pregnant with PID? Most women who are treated for PID have no problems conceiving or carrying a pregnancy in the future. However, if you have severe PID or your PID goes untreated, it could damage your fallopian tubes and affect your fertility (BASHH 2011, NICE 2015).
How do I know if I have pelvic inflammatory disease? To diagnose PID, doctors usually do a physical exam to check for signs of PID and test for STIs. If you think that you may have PID, see a doctor or nurse as soon as possible. If you have pain in your lower abdomen, your doctor or nurse will check for: Unusual discharge from your vagina or cervix.
Can a bacterial infection cause pelvic inflammatory disease? PID is an infection caused by bacteria. When bacteria from the vagina or cervix travel to your womb, fallopian tubes, or ovaries, they can cause an infection. Most of the time, PID is caused by bacteria from chlamydia and gonorrhea. These are sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
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